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Shock absorber for linear slide cylinder SKL

Maximizes the installation capacity with lower tact times and long service life, and realizes smooth stops. [Max absorbed energy]: 0.2 to 3.6J

Shock absorber (fixed) NCK

Utilizes a slit orifice construction which achieves high absorbing performance and linear soft stop, etc., in the slow speed operation range. [Max absorbed energy]: 1 to 200J

Shock absorber (adjustable) SCK

Impact force absorbed with a proprietary mechanism. A shock absorber that extends the service life and productivity of devices and equipment. High speed movement and suitable for preventing the free falling of workpieces. [Max absorbed energy]: 0.049 to 5

Shock absorber (adjustable) FCK

Available in 3 speeds, slow speed (1m/s), medium speed (2m/s), high speed (3m/s) types with a vast 32 types of products. [Max absorbed energy]: 1.5 to 720J