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Compact cylinder SSD2

Space saving series with a wide range of stroke lengths and switch mounting surface options compared with conventional models. A widely varied series of space-saving cylinders, suitable for general environments to specific applications.

Guided super compact cylinder SSG

Super compact SSD Series cylinder with guide rod and plate equipped. No more struggling with design and assembly.

Compact cylinder SSD

This is a square, space saving cylinder that integrates the cylinder switch into the body for shorter total length. Perform adjustments so that a lateral load is not applied to the cylinder before use.

Cartridge cylinder CAT

The cylinder's outside diameter is fully threaded and thumb sized. This cylinder is a miniature single acting cylinder that returns with a spring when pulled.

Small direct mounting cylinder MDC2

This cylinder body has an inner diameter of Dia.4 to Dia.10 and can be directly mounted on 4 directions. Can be used for ejection of workpiece or shutter of parts feeder.

Small cylinder with suction pad MVC

This cylinder is a compact cylinder whose end is equipped with a suction pad. Because the suction pad port is attached to the body, piping is not moved when the cylinder is activated. Perfect for Pick & Place.

Compact cylinder SMG

A compact cylinder that is light weight and space saving, and can be easily installed. Detection switch fits into the body with barely any protrusion.

Small compact cylinder MSD, MSDG

Small port size series for compact cylinders (SSD). Bore sizes from Dia.6 to Dia.16. Type with high precision guide (MSDG) is also available.

Flat compacted cylinder FC*

This cylinder is a rectangular space-saving cylinder that reduces cylinder axial dimensions by 50% and enables easy installation into a small space. The bore section is rectangular and a rotational-stopping function is provided.

Stopper cylinder STK

This is a square, space saving cylinder that can be used for applications in which a lateral load is applied to the piston rod.