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Air bearing actuator LBC

Air static pressure type soft actuator LBC Series based on non-contact air bearing mechanism with zero sliding resistance. The actuator enables sensitive and precise load control when combined with an electro-pneumatic regulator (EV).

Clamp cylinder CAC4

Clevis mounting with rod clevis. A cylinder dedicated for clamping.

Position locking clamp cylinder UCAC2

A position locking clamp cylinder has been developed with attention to equipment maintenance. The new swash plate mechanism locks the rod when the air supply is stopped to prevent the load from falling in the event of power failures or accidents.

Lightweight clamp cylinder CAC-N, UCAC-N

A small and lightweight clamp cylinder that contributes to reduction in the weight of welding jigs, etc.

Rotary clamp cylinder RCC2

The rotary clamp mechanism is incorporated into a square, space saving cylinder. Ideal for clamping small workpieces such as electronic components.

Rotary clamp cylinder RCS

Total length dimension is minimized to reduce installation space. Through bolts can be used for improved mounting. Tang and square tang can be selected for the rod end.

High power cylinder SHC

High power cylinder is an ultra energy saving cylinder developed for applications where high power is required at the stroke end. Compared to conventional types, this cylinder is far superior in terms of operation costs, space and environmental friendline

Mechanical power cylinder MCP

An environmentally considerate cylinder that allows 2t or 5t high thrust power at your desired position with a pneumatic source alone.

Guideless cylinder GLC

The guideless cylinder is a compact/lightweight actuator integrated with a rotation-stop lateral load resistant structure. It contributes to FA/FMS and other automation and to labor reduction.

Robot cylinder MFC

This is a cylinder with a structure that receives applied load with the whole frame, and has rotation-stop function and high lateral load resistance.

Balancer unit BBS

The balancer unit allows heavy loads of around 300 kg to be controlled with minimal force. Even if the weight of each workpiece being transported differs, this is automatically recognized and the optimal balance is maintained.

Pin clamp cylinder PCC

A specialized cylinder that is used in a pin clamp mechanism. Position locking can be selected and abundant mounting specifications are available.