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Block manifold MN3Q

Installation space can be reduced. Since the supply and exhaust port can be selected, the piping maneuverability has been improved.

Negative pressure switching unit MV3QR

By making use of the high flow rate and high responsiveness of the compact 3QR Series, this vacuum suction unit makes the vacuum breaker valve obsolete.

Direct acting 3-port valve 3QRA, 3QRB, 3QB

The solenoid valve is most suited for suctioned conveyance due to the compact and slender body width of 10mm and high responsiveness.

Small pneumatic Valves

The 3MA0/3MB0 Series, 3-port valves are super compact direct acting poppet valves with a width of 10 mm which supports miniaturization of devices.Single units and manifolds are available as a number of variations. Suitable for operating cylinders of Dia.6 to

Pneumatic valve 3PA, 3PB

direct acting type universal pressurized 3-port valves usable with a working pressure of 0.7 MPa to low vacuum.Contributes to the construction of systems for low pressure/vacuum.Suitable for operating cylinders of Dia.16 to Dia.40