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Combination C*0*0

A modular design that has made the dimensions of each of the filter/regulator/lubricator, etc., components compact and unified. 【Port size】Rc1/8 to 1

F.R.L Combination Copper and PTFE free C*000-P6

Copper ion prevention treatment【Port size】Rc1/8 to 1

Compact F.R.L kit K60570

A nipple connection type with abundant models available.

Shut-off valve V*0*0

One action exhaust operation. Ideal for preventing accidents due to residual pressure in pneumatic lines【Port size】Rc1/8 to 1/2

Mechanical pressure switch P4000

Wide pressure setting range covers 0.1 to 0.8 MPa. 【Port size】Rc1/4 to 1/2

Compact mechanical pressure switch P*100

Compatible with module connection to rotary actuator F.R.L.

Slow start valve V3301, V3321

Ensuring safety when starting and stopping【Port size】Rc1/4 to 1/2

Distributor D*01, D300

Applicable for pipe branching.【Port size】Rc1/8 to 1

Pipe adaptor A10*, A40*, A80*

In the case of the straight type, during maintenance the piping does not have to be removed, but only the individual components. The L-type can pipe the components from the top / bottom directions.【Port size】Rc1/8 to 1