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Antibacterial, bacteria-removing filter SFC, SFS

Excellent for circuits that blow directly onto food products! Utilizes a bacteria-free (bacterial removed) air. [Port size]Rc1/4 to 1/2, push-in fitting Dia.8 to Dia.12

Air filter F*000

New Series of 3 micro meter element for dust removal and tar removal (excluding the F1000 Series).
[Port size]Rc1/8 to 1

Air filter flame-resistant series F*000-G4

FRL Series with a module design. Strong anti-spatter properties and flame resistant.
[Port size] Rc1/4 to 1

Air filter medium pressure series FM*000

F3000 to F8000 with medium pressure specifications.
[Port size]Rc1/4 to 1

Oil mist filter M*000

Ideal for circuits susceptible to oil, including measuring, and instrumentation circuits.
[Port size] Rc1/8 to 1

Oil mist filter medium pressure series MM*000

F3000 to F8000 with medium pressure specifications.
[Port size] Rc1/4 to 1

High-performance oil mist filter MX*000

high-performance oil mist filter with x10 (compared to oil mist filter M Series) oil removal.
[Port size] Rc1/8 to 1

Compact air filter A1019

For dust removal
[Port size] Rc1/8 to 1/4

Large bore size air filter 1219

Uses a nipple connection that is conventionally popular. Various combinations of both series and sizes.
[Port size] Rc3/4 to 2

Vacuum filter VFA

Removes dust and moisture within the air by vacuum pump and ejector.
[Port size] Rc1/8 to 1/2

Clean exhaust filter FAC

Provides direct exhaust within a clean room. Provides a high level of cleanliness on the secondary side.
[Port size] Dia.4 to 10, R1/8 to R1/2, Rc3/8 to Rc1/2

Drain separator FX

Lightweight and compact drain separator. Compatible compressor is 0.75kW to 37kW.
[Port size] Rc1/4 to 1

Inline clean filter FCS

Our original hollow fiber membrane provides innovative filter performance.
[Port size] push-in fitting Dia.4 to Dia.12, Rc1/8 to Rc3/8, R1/8 to R3/8

Inline filter FSL

Compact, lightweight and space saving in-line type.
[Port size] push-in fitting Dia.4 to Dia.10