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Regulator R**00

Compact with an integrated pressure gauge. Pressure adjustments done without tools. [Port size] Rc1/8 to 1

Digital pressure sensor for regulator PPR

A 30mm square pressure switch with a 3-color display. Prevents malfunctions with a lock function.

Precision regulator RP1000, RP2000

High-precision pressure control/stable flow characteristics when there is a pressure drop/a large relief flow rate. [Port size]Rc1/4, 3/8

Precision regulator RPE

An environmentally friendly, new precision regulator. Power consumption reduced 70%. High precision pressure control. [Port size]Rc1/4

Regulator flame-resistant series R**00-G4

Pressure adjustments done without tools. Strong anti-spatter properties. [Port size]Rc1/4 to 1

Regulator medium pressure series RM*000

R3000/R4000-W Series with medium pressure specifications. [Port size]Rc1/4 to 1/2

Regulator oil-prohibited series RN*000

LCDs, semiconductors, food products, medical, electrical potential products, etc., suited for processes where grease cannot be used. [Port size]Rc1/4 to 1

Regulator copper and PTFE-free R*000-P6

Pressure adjustments done without tools. Copper ion prevention treated [Port size]Rc1/8 to 1

Reverse regulator copper and PTFE-free R*100-P6

Pressure adjustments can be done without tools. Copper ion prevention treated[Port size]c1/8 to 1

Miniature regulator RA

A regulator that is compact, lightweight and has improved operability. Piston type. [Port size]Rc1/8, 1/4

Compact regulator RB500, MNRB500

Compact, space-saving structure and reverse flow function integrated.[Port size]push-in fitting Dia.4, Dia.6

Regulator for water WR

Easy-to-use compact regulator for water.Specially designed knob shape for easy pressure adjustment.Mesh filter is supplied as standard.[Port size]Rc1/8 to 1/2

Compact piston regulator RA800

Compact/light weight/improved operability regulator piston type[Port size]Rc1/8, 1/4

Vacuum regulator VRA2000

Compact but with large flow rates and high precision needed for circuits requiring precise pressure adjustments for the suction of delicate workpieces, inspection systems, etc..[Port size]Rc1/4 to 3/8, G1/4 to 3/8, 1/4NPT to 3/8NPT

Dial air regulator 2302, 2303, 2304

Easily adjust the pressure using a dial. Remote operation is possible (remote controlled types only) [Port size]Rc1/4 to 2

Large bore size reverse regulator (Check valve integrated) 2415

Smooth discharge of secondary pressure with check valve. No bypass circuit required and easy piping.
[Port size]Rc3/4 to 1 1/4

Large bore size regulator 2215, 2216

The large bore size that is a separable and conventionally popular.
[Port size]Rc3/4 to 2

Compact direct acting precision regulator RJB500, MNRJB500

Non-grease specifications/compact/space saving. The operability of the push-in fittle has been improved. [Port size]push-in fitting Dia.4, Dia.6

Clean regulator 2619

A compact regulator that is ready for use in the clean room. Oil-prohibited specs. [Port size]Rc1/8, 1/4

Compact reverse regulator 2419

Smooth discharge of secondary pressure with check valve. No bypass circuit required and easy piping.
[Port size]Rc1/8, 1/4

Compact relief valve B6061

If the pressure increases, the compressed air is released to the atmosphere to maintain the set pressure.[Port size]Rc1/8, 1/4

Compact regulator B2019

A compact type of the popular separated type. [Port size]Rc1/8, 1/4

Clean regulator RC2000

Can be used in clean rooms. Oil prohibited specs./compact yet large flow rates/reverse function. [Port size]Rc1/4 to 3/8