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Digital gap switch GPS3, MGPS3, UGPS3

A digital gap switch with wide range has become even more user friendly. Industry's first! High precision 2-point output. Easy operation. [Port size]

Flow pressure monitor MD

Both flow rates and pressure can be monitored with this one unit! Any sensor for flow rates and pressures are compatible.

Digital pressure sensor PPX

Increased operability with 2 displays! Direct settings and copy function too. Power consumption has been further reduced.

Mechanical pressure switch for air APE, APS

Mechanical pressure switch. Modular type with discrete specification lined up.

Cutting tool breakage detection switch TLPS, MTLPS, UTLPS

An air sensor used to detect broken or chipped drills and taps used in the metal machining line. Compatible with unfavorable environments, low air consumption and easy adjustments.

Air sensor PEL systems

The detection air is blown onto the workpiece and the generated back pressure is converted to an electrical signal by the air-electricity converter. Compact/sensitive. It can be used in various applications.

Pressure switch for coolant CPD, CPE

This pressure switch is compatible with coolants, water and oil.

Electronic differential pressure switch DP1000

31th March, 2018 will be discontinued.(including maintenance parts)
A pressure differential switch most suited for preventative maintenance in air pressure systems.

Electronic pressure switch with digital display (pressure switch) PPD3

Most suitable pressure switch for air pressure lines. It is light weight and space saving with push-in fittings. Convenient functions make equipment settings more efficient.

Electronic pressure switch (pressure switch) PSW

This is a reliable pressure switch developed for pneumatics/vacuum systems. Semiconductor sensors make it highly precise and responsive.

Compact electronic pressure switch (pressure switch) PPE

Semiconductor pressure sensor developed for pneumatic/vacuum circuits. 1 to 5 V output (analog output) is proportional to impressed pressure.

Electronic pressure sensor with digital display PPG

A basic pressure sensor suitable for air and vacuum pressures. A variety of selectable ports to enable support to be provided globally.

Contact confirmation switch (gap switch) GPS2, MGPS2, UGPS2

This is an air sensor used to confirm the workpiece seating and clamping contacts. Energy saving / high precision / non-contact detection.

Close contact confirmation switch HPS, MHPS, UHPS

Utilizing a highly precise needle construction, close contact confirmation with high precision has become possible. Low air consumption/environmental resistance.