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Compact Flow Rate RAPIFLOW FSM3

With just this 1 device, 5 types of gases are compatible.(Air,Nitrogen,Argon,Carbon
dioxide,Mixed gases)

Karman vortex flow rate sensor for Water FLUEREX WFK2

Water temperature measuring feature as standard.
Compatible with a wide range of flow rates from 0.4 to 250 L/min.
Fluid temperature: Available up to 95 degrees
IO-Link equipped (output option)

Miniature flow rate sensor RAPIFLOW FSM

Miniature/lightweight & high response. Demonstrates its power in confirmation of suction/release for electronic parts, etc. [Compatible fluid] For Air/nitrogen gas

Compact flow rate controller RAPIFLOW FCM

Compact flow rate controller compatible with various applications which combines sensor function, proportional control function and gives high cost performance to all the valve functions. [Compatible fluids] : compressed air, nitrogen, argon, city gas, methane, propane, hydrogen, helium.

Flow sensor for compressed air (Display integrated FLUEREX flow sensor) PF-F, PFU

Very useful in grasping the current situation and confirming the effect of energy, Flow sensor for compressed air. Regulator for medium and large flow rates. practical precision +3% to -3% F.S. is realized

Flow sensor for compressed air (Display separated FLUEREX flow sensor) PFD

This is a flow rate sensor for compressed air which according to the present power consumption and effect, adjusts its output. Flow rate detection of compressed air with total accuracy +4% to -4% F.S./ The correction due to pressure fluctuation or temperature fluctuation is not required.

Flow rate sensor for water (FLUEREX flow sensor) WFK

Utilizing the Harmon Vortex detection sensor, high reliability and stability are attained during measurements and management. Low pressure loss and high-speed response.

Flow sensor for compressed air Tester kit PFK

Equipment for measuring the air flow rate is provided in a kit, and this enables immediate measurements on site. For medium and large flow rates.

Capacitance electromagnetic flow sensor WFC

Flow rate sensor with Thru-flow structure. Clogging from foreign matter and detection failure will not occur. Suitable for spot welding, induction hardening devices, etc. [Flow rate range] : 0.5 to 15 / 2.0 to 60L/min

Small size flow rate sensor RAPIFLOW FSM2

Functions which pursue the operability of the small flow rate sensor provide the best selections for various contexts and applications. provide the best selections for various scenes and applications. [Compatible fluids] : air/nitrogen/argon/carbon dioxide