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Refrigerated air dryer (Xeroaqua) GX3200D, GX5200D

Environment-friendly new refrigerants R-134a, R-410A, and R-407C are adopted. Easy maintenance. [Compatible compressor] 2.2kW to 55kW

Large model refrigerated air dryer (Xeroaqua) GT9000

New refrigerant R-407C, easy maintenance, Universal installation in any area. [Compatible compressor] 75kW to 960kW

Compact model desiccant dryer (Heatless dryer) HD

This is a heatless dryer of the pressure reduction self-regenerating system which does not use heat for regeneration of the desiccant. atmospheric dew point -72 dgree. [Compatible compressor] 0.75 kw to 11kW

Manual desiccant air dryer 4001, 4002

Desiccant is used in this air dryer. Power supply not required/Low pressure use is also available. [Processed air flow rate]280L/min or less than (ANR)

High polymer membrane air dryer (Super dryer) SU, SD, SDM

High polymer membrane is used in this high-tech dryer. Low dew point equivalent to that of desiccants. [Compatible compressor] 75kW or less.

Drain sensor DBS1006

High-reliability level sensor detects the entry of drainage into the pneumatic circuit. [Bore size] G1/2

System configuration

Mainline unit system configuration

Desiccant air dryer (Heatless dryer) SHD

This is a heatless dryer of the pressure reduction self-regenerating system which does not use heat for regeneration of the desiccant. Reduces unnecessary purge by dew point monitoring /Significantly reduces the noise when switching. [Compatible compressor]

Medium main line filter AF2000

With new materials and new structure, we have achieved further low pressure loss, long service life and compactness. Low energy element is utilized with easy element replacement/drainage ejector equipped.

Drain discharger (Heavy duty drain) 5100

A frontal drain structure. Ideal for circuits generating a lot of moisture. [Compatible compressor] 55kW to 960kW

Drain discharger (Automatic drain) DB1000, DB3000

Drain discharger with a highly reliable fluid surface level sensor. For medium pressures with alarm output as standard. [Compressor discharge flow rate] 2.5 to 1000 m3/min (ANR)

Drain discharger (Automatic drain) DT3000, DT4000

Lightweight and compact automatic drain discharger. With a snap-action mechanism, durability is increased and manual exhaust is now possible. [Compatible compressor]: 0.75kW to 75kW

Medium main line filter (Oil-free) AF4000

High performance main line filter with stainless steel housing for clean environments. Easy element replacements / replacement period is determined by time of usage. [Compatible compressor]: 22kW to 95kW

Large main line filter (Regular) AF3000

Simple system configuration is realized thanks to unified design of filter vessel. Incorporated energy saving element/Differential pressure gauge provided as standard. [Compatible compressor]: 95kW to 1450kW

Large main line filter (Oil-free) AF5000

stainless steel vessel is used to eliminate anxiety of rust occurrence, and to supply perfect clean high quality air. Incorporated energy saving element. Remote control possible.[Compatible compressor]: 95kW to 1450kW.