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Air operated 2-port valve CHB, CHBF, CHB-R, CHBF-R

A rack and pinion mechanism ensures reliable operation. Compatible with foreign materials and water deposits.

Air operated 3-port valve CHG, CHG-R

3-port/multi-fluid type. Suitable for explosive atmospheres.

Air operated 2-port valve ball valve with solenoid valve CHB-V, CHBF-V, CHB-X, CHBF-X

Integrated solenoid valve for operation and easy construction. Compact/lightweight/large flow compatible.

Air operated 3-port valve ball valve with solenoid valve CHG-V, CHG-X

Integrated 3-port solenoid valve for operation. A design that is resistant to foreign materials.

Air operated 2-port valve for steam CSB, CSBF, CSB-R, CSBF-R

A 2-port valve for steam/water. Compatible with fluids up to 164 degree. A variety of bore sizes are available.