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Check valve (for liquids) CCH

The internal structure makes it highly compatible with foreign matter. The sealing material utilizes FKM. Can be used in pressures up to 7.0 Mpa.

2-port discrete valve CVE2, CVE22, CVSE2, CVSE22

The cylinder driving method guarantees reliable operation. A metal seal is used to withstand foreign matter. The structure prevents water hammering.

2-port modular coolant valve GCVE2, GCVSE2

Can be constructed as a manifold with the modular structure. A metal seal is used to withstand foreign matter. An NBR/FKM packing are available.

3-port discrete valve CV3E, CVS3E, CVE3, CVSE3

Products for low/med/high pressures are in the lineup. Suitable for switching over coolant fluids. Integrated solenoid valves are also lined up.

Pressure switch for coolant CPE, CPD

A pressure switch compatible with coolant fluids. Degree of protection is IP65 equiv.