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For compressed air FAB, FAG

a dedicated fluid design that has specialized materials for compressed air. Low wattage design. Aluminum body, light weightedness and space saving.

For dry air FGB, FGG

Increased service life of air dryer. This is a direct acting poppet type solenoid valve. Thin design and space saving.

2-port solenoid valve for medium vacuum FVB

Suitable for medium vacuum. There are 4 models to choose from. Increased corrosion resistance.

For water FWB, FWG

A solenoid valve for water that can be manufactured in stainless steel form. This is a direct acting poppet type solenoid valve. Space-saving design.

For hot waiter FHB

A solenoid valve for hot water up to 90 degree. Increased heat resistance of the coils. Easy maintenance.

For oil 2-port solenoid valve FLB

Designed for oils whether it is kerosine, turbine oil, etc. Both the AC and DC types have the same shape. Comes with mounting holes.