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Noise reduced special purpose 2-port valve FGB31, FGB41, FWB31, FWB41

A great reduction in metallic noise due to a special valve structure. It is a 2-port valve for compressed air/dry air/inert gases.

Frequent operation direct acting 2-port solenoid valve A2-5201, A2-5202

Most suited for environments where quietness is required. It is a silent 2-port valve for water.

Ultra-low temperature 2-port solenoid valve A2-5800, A2-3400

It is a solenoid valve that can be used with liquid nitrogen. Its coil structure is unaffected by condensation. 3 flow rates can be selected.

Operated valve with solenoid valve for high pressure coolant

High pressure coolant (10 MPa) control is possible. 3 bore sizes can be selected.

Air operated cylinder valve for high pressure air

This is an air operated valve for high pressure air (20 Mpa). NC/NO types can be selected depending on the application.

Medium pressure cylinder valve NAB-6X2191, NAB-6X2192

This for compressed air of medium pressure. This guarantees the operation of air operated cylinder valves.

Proportional solenoid valve A2-6500

It has a step-less control of the flow rate in proportion to the current. The seal material utilizes FKM.