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Vacuum burst function VSY

Integration of the ejector and vacuum burst function achieves high speed suction and burst cycle.[Nozzle diameter] dia.0.5, dia.0.7

Discreate type VSH, VSU, VSB, VSC

Various types of performance and shape are available to handle various conditions.[Nozzle diameter]dia.0.5,dia.0.7, dia.1.0, dia.1.2, dia.1.5, dia.2.0

20 mm width dedicated single unit VSG

The vacuum pressure switch, vacuum burst valve and the like are unitized, allowing appropriate types to be selected according to the purpose of use.[Nozzle diameter]dia.0.5,dia.0.7,dia.1.0

16 mm width general VSK, VSKM

Integrated ejector unit with various modularized units that can be selected according to the purpose of use[Nozzle diameter]dia.0.5, dia.0.7, dia.1.0, dia.1.2

20 mm width general VSJ, VSJM

Burst air flow rate & integrated vacuum ejector unit with relief pressure adjustment needle[Nozzle diameter] dia.0.5, dia.0.7, dia.1.0, dia.1.2

10.3mm width general VSN, VSNM

Compact ejector unit that achieves high speed and stable response[Nozzle diameter]dia.0.4, dia.0.5, dia.0.6

10.5mm width general VSX, VSXM

Vacuum ejector unit which is lightweight and compact in appearance and has a high-cycle vacuum system[Nozzle diameter]dia.0.5, dia.0.7, dia.1.0

31.5 mm width dedicated single unit VSQ

Vacuum ejector unit ideal for controlling large flow rates
[Nozzle diameter]dia.0.7, dia.1.0, dia.1.2, dia.1.5, dia.2.0

11 mm pitch manifold VSZM

Compact, lightweight manifold dedicated vacuum ejector unit greatly reduces the vacuum burst time[Nozzle diamete] dia.0.5, dia.0.7, dia.1.0