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Position locking valve VSECV

Even if the workpiece comes off, the vacuum is maintained for workpieces in other circuits. Position locking valve [Port size]M3,M4, M5,M6,R1/8

Compact vacuum regulator VSRVV

Source pressure as well as terminals can be controlled. Compact vacuum regulator. VSRVV Series.[Port size] dia.6,dia.8

Vacuum burst unit VSLF

Burst air flow rate & vacuum burst control valve with relief pressure adjustment needle, vacuum burst unit[Port size] dia.4,dia.6

Vacuum pressure switch VSUS

Digital display is used for vacuum pressure switch display to improve visibility.[Port size] M5, dia.4, dia.6, dia.8

Air tweezers VST

Suction pad with built-in vacuum ejector. Air tweezer set.

Vacuum filter VSFB, VSFU, VSFJ

Vacuum filter compatible with various vacuum pipes