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Thin electro pneumatic regulator MEVT

Ideal for pressure control and fine speed cylinder control, etc., in semiconductor fields and precise processing fields, etc. High precision/high responsivity. 【Pressure control range】 100kPa to 0.5MPa

Electro pneumatic regulator EV2100V

Feedback control with semiconductor pressure sensor and electronic control circuit is used. High precision/high responsivity. Various input signals are possible. 【Control pressure range】 -10.1 to -91.2kPa

Clean regulator 2619

Compact regulator that can be used in the clean room. Oil-prohibited specifications. 【Port size】Rc1/8・1/4

Clean regulator RC2000

Can be used in the clean room. Oil-prohibited specifications/compact and large flow rates/with reverse function. 【Port size】Rc1/4 to 3/8

Clean exhaust filter FAC

Provide direct exhaust within a clean room. High secondary side cleanliness. 【Port size】Φ4 to 10、R1/8 to R1/2、Rc3/8 to 1/2

Filter / regulator W*000

New Series of 5μm element for dust removal, and 0.3μm element for tar removal.

Reverse filter / regulator W*100

Introducing the 5 μm dust removing element and 0.3 μm tar removing element with reverse flow function to the lineup.

Air filter F*000

New Series of 5μm element for dust removal. And 0.3μm element for tar removal.

Oil mist filter M*000

Ideal for circuits susceptible to oil, including measuring, and instrumentation circuits, etc.

High-performance oil mist filter MX*000

Vaporized oil content up to a concentration of 0.003 mg/m3 on the secondary side. Ideal for positioning device for optical systems, optical devices used in laser processing machines, etc.

Regulator R*000

Compact and pressure gauge embedded.

Reverse regulator R*100

With reverse flow function built in, the secondary pressure flows to the primary side.

Related components

Attachment for FRL mounting.

Inline clean filter FCS

An inline filter with an objective of being used in the clean room.

Precision regulator RP*000

A precision regulator than attains true and stable pressures.

Pressure gauge G*9D

A pressure gauge that can confirm the supply pressure.

Differential pressure gauge GA400-8

For managing the service life of the air filter. Differential pressure measuring range: 0 to 0.2MPa ±2.5% F.S.