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2, 3-port valve AMD part 3R, GAMD part 3R

The working pressure range has been expanded compared to the conventional product. No matter what kind of fluid or working pressure used, this 1 series does it all. [orifice size]dia.3.5 to dia.20

2-port valve LMD

6 types of orifices are available for a full range selection. Compatible with the new flared fittings. [orifice size] dia.4 to dia.20

2-port valve AMD

Solves the particle generation issues. Stainless steel body and metal-less types are also available.[orifice size]dia.1.6 to dia.25

3-port valve AMG

Solves the dead-space issues with the single unit fitting 3-port valve. [orifice size]dia.1.6 to 20

Manifold type GAMD

With the block-type body, various combinations are possible. [Station No.]1to 5

High pressure specifications 2, 3-port valve AMD, AMG, GAMD

Specifications compatible with the high pressures in demand. A-port pressure: up to 0.5MPa. B-port pressure: up to 0.3MPa. [orifice size]dia. 6.3 to dia.20

2-port valve AMD**

Solves the problems of particle generation with a PFA body.[orifice size]dia.8 to dia.25