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2-port valve MMD

An internal spring stabilizing the sealing construction. Prevents the internal leaking from a lack of tightening. Stainless body and metal-less types are also available. [orifice size]dia.6 to dia.25

2-port valve MMD*0

A metal-free design. This series has both flow adjustments and closing functions. [orifice size]dia.8 to dia.20

Manifold type GMMD

A manifold type with a stabilized seal construction. Most suited for reducing the space of a branching unit for chemical liquids. No. of stations: 1 to 5 units.[orifice size]dia.6 to dia.20

2-port toggle valve TMD*02

A single touch for a manual open/close.[orifice size]dia.2 to dia.12

Flow rate adjusting valve manual type FMD00

A minute flow rate control valve that is compatible with fluids that are highly corrosive. [orifice size]dia.1.6, dia.3.5